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Fabels album launch!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Fabels have launched their 3rd album Minds on 10 September 2021,! Digitally and limited edition Vinyl and CD's are also available from that date. through digital outlets through Qusp, MGM ( for Vinyl ) , bandcamp ( for CD's and Digital downloads and merch..T shirts! )

Vinyl limited edition ( 150) is available through

The launch gig ( with Dreamgood ) Is planned for 21 January 2022 at The Factory Floor, 105 Victoria rd. Marrickville.

For tickets go to

‘Minds’ by Fabels

Fabels’ new album Minds is a journey into atmospheres, dreamscapes, repetition and multilingual vocals with electronics, keys and sometimes angular and shoegaze guitar sounds.

The album creates a reality set in its own time and space, its lyrical content is purposely abstract to blend into the music and to inspire the listener to make up their own meaning.

Recorded over three years with Icelandic music producer Geir Brillian Gunnarsson, the album is a true labour of love and reveals itself to be a strong artistic statement.

‘Minds’ is a direct and focused work that keeps originality and imagination alive!

This is Fabels’ third album and their first release on vinyl though the Qusp label.

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